Your Trainer

My name is Melissa Becirevic, I am the Personal Trainer and Owner of Melissa Fitness in Adelaide.

I believe personal training involves a lot more than just fitness, it’s about your mental health and happiness.

As a teenager, I was overweight and for a long time believed if I could lose weight and be skinny I would be happy…. how wrong I was! Once I achieved my ideal weight and was skinny, it hit me I still wasn’t happy. I tried so many gyms and group training but exercising wasn’t fun for me and being on one fad diet after another was horrible. I put myself in a better mind frame and finally understood that it didn’t matter if I was skinny because that wasn’t going to make me happy and the only way I would enjoy fitness is to find something that was fun by surrounding myself with encouraging and positive people.

I wanted to become a personal trainer to help people achieve a happier and healthier self and create an environment that makes fitness fun. I graduated with a Master Trainer and Punch Fit course qualification from the Australian Institute of Fitness. I launched the business in September 2016, offering mobile personal training, group training, nutrition guidance and much more.

This is one of my favourite quotes that I live by:

“Exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it”