Mel is a busy full-time working mum with four kids and has managed to lose 12.2kg!

She has been doing personal and group training for over one year now, she does two personal training sessions per week at 6am and attends two group sessions as well. Mel has achieved some amazing accomplishments...

  • Weight loss of 12.2kg

  • A loss of 53cm over her entire body

  • She is now a push up machine, 43 push ups in 1 minute - a massive improvement from 7

  • Abs of steel with a plank time of over 4 minutes - her first time was 58 seconds

All that hard work and early sessions has paid off, watching her confidence and determination grow over the last year has been truly inspiring. Congratulations!!

"Bloody hell I feel amazing! The best part of it is how it feels in my head. I just bought a dress from Zara in celebration. Thank you for keeping me motivated and working me hard!"- Mel C

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