A couple of years ago when I started running longer distances I found that I was getting stitches regularly, my traps and shoulders were tight as well as my calves. I got some really good advice that I want to share with you that really helped and completely improved my run...

1. Keep your chest proud and look forward (not down at your feet), this allows you to get more oxygen into your lungs.

2. Keep your shoulders back and down (stay relaxed), this relates back to tactic number 1 but also reduces tightness in your traps and shoulders.

3. Concentrate on your breathing (inhale through your nose and exhale out through your mouth), you will find that you can run longer and are less likely to get a stitch.

4. Make sure your feet hit the ground lightly (avoid stomping), as your foot rolls froward use your toes to push off the ground.

This is a lot to focus on all at once, but once you get the hang of it you will find that it improves your run and makes it a lot easier on your body. I have shared these tactics with some of my clients when they are running and they agree that they definitely work and make a huge difference! Make sure you give them a go and see if they help improve your run.

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