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8 Week Healthier You Challenge

How do you want to feel when you put on your favourite dress or shorts...Confident? Lean? Strong? Fit?

Take on this challenge and I guarantee you will feel all those things and more!

Our next round of the 8 Week Healthier You Challenge will commence...

September 2022

It’s time to end the self-sabotage, shift the stubborn weight, love your body and how you feel in it!

This is a nutrition and training challenge focused on healthy weight loss with whole foods that will fuel your body, no cutting carbs, no quick fix diet but a healthy lifestyle change and training that’s enjoyable - getting you to feel your happiest and healthiest.

Scroll down to see what's involved and read the testimonials from past participants.

$80 challenge (upfront - once off payment)

+ $44 unlimited group training (per week - commitment for 8 weeks, 30th May to 24th July 2022).

If you are currently a paying member (group training) with us, you can receive 30% off the challenge cost $80 (upfront - once off payment).

If you would like to join our next challenge, please click the link below to express your interest.

What's Involved

Meal Plans, Recipes
& Shopping Lists

8 weeks of easy to follow and adaptable meal plans, recipe book and shopping lists. 

Meal plans are designed for general population women looking to lose weight.

Information night via Zoom - explaining how to follow the meal plans.

Body Scans
& Goal Setting

Start and end of challenge check in to track your progress (1 on 1 with your trainer, Melissa).


Body scans (body fat, water percentage, muscle, bone mass and more). 

Setting personalised S.M.A.R.T goals. 

Unlimited Group Training

​Our sessions are held in person at

 Forbes Primary School - 80 Thomas Street, South Plympton.

Sessions include strength, boxing and HIIT (high intensity interval training) in an enjoyable and encouraging environment.

 All sessions are held for 45 minutes.
Click here to see the timetable.

Exclusive Group
& Extras


Limited to a group of only 16 like-minded women.


Daily accountability and ongoing support from your trainer, Melissa. 

Private challenge Facebook group to keep each other motivated.

Pop-up bonus fitness challenges.

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I am very happy with the goals that I achieved. I definitely learnt that I can be in control in what I eat, especially when it comes to snacking. I loved the challenge but also enjoyed learning about better ways to eat for a healthier lifestyle.

Weight loss percentage of 7.38%

Reduced body fat by 4.8%

Metabolic aged decreased by 12 years



My goal for the challenge has been achieved (1kg per week). It was great undertaking the challenge as a group with like-minded people. We were able to support each other, share tips and encourage each other through some rough days. I would not have achieved the results I have without Melissa and the team.

Weight loss percentage of 10.35%

Improved beep test from level 7.1 to 8.4

Hiked Mount Lofty taking 58 minutes up



I lost 2.5 kilos, toned up and have learned how to fuel my body so I can think about things like half marathons and how much protein impacts muscle growth. I really liked the at home challenges - I did those often.

Body fat percentage reduced

Muscle mass increased

Comfortably fitting into her skinny jeans



I found the program very good, well organised and run. I started the challenge well however didn’t finish as well as I would have liked but that is something for me to reflect on and change moving forward. All in all very good and I am happy with results as a starting point and look to continue for better results and long term improvements to my health. This was a good kick start.

Weight loss percentage of 4.39%

Reduced body fat by 3.3%

Metabolic aged decreased by 8 years



I have created sustainable eating habits, a better understanding of what my body needs and now I have more confidence in what I'm doing when it comes to preparing food. I have lost weight and feeling much better about myself. Thanks Mel, I'm really happy with what I have achieved, thanks for your support and guidance!

Weight loss percentage of 6.15%

Reduced body fat by 3%

Feeling leaner and comfortably fitting into her clothes



I was optimistic at the start of the challenge and learnt that I don't need to eat as much as I did. I feel confident about myself and when wearing clothes. I loved the challenge and I'll do it again! 

Weight loss percentage of 6.18%

Improved beep test from level 6.3 to 7.2

Improved plank time by 37 seconds